About the company

The plant was founded in 1961 under the name “Cheboksary factory for the repair of cars and road machinery” and was intended for the production of overhaul of vehicles of the M-21 Volga model and its units.

Spare parts and pistons for cars
Spare parts and pistons for cars

On March 18, 1966, by order of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of the RSFSR, the plant was renamed to Cheboksary Automobile Repair Plant. The factory produced spare parts and pistons for GAZ-51, GAZ-53, GAZ-24, ZIL, VAZ, KAMAZ vehicles.

In 1986, the plant mastered the production of garage equipment for the repair of cars – electromechanical lifts. Garage equipment was produced during 10 years and in different years it was: lift PTO-20A, mechanized post P-660, lift P-174.

The growth of output was provided by the reconstruction of the existing and the introduction of new production buildings: foundry, forging, spare parts, tool workshops.

In 1988, it was decided to create a fundamentally new direction in increasing output and consumer goods: a transfer from the production association GAZ, Nizhny Novgorod and the organization of the production of spare parts for a GAZ-24 passenger car at the Cheboksary Automobile Repair Plant “. This was the beginning of the long-term cooperation between CHARZ and PA GAZ.

By the 1996-1998-ies there was a re-profiling of production: the repair of cars, bodies and engines of GAZ-24 was completely stopped. Manufacture of new bodies in metal GAZ-2410 from the component parts manufactured by their production and received with JSC GAZ is being made. The production of spare parts for the bodies of GAZ-24, GAZ-31 is being carried out.

In the following years it was mastered the production of bodies for cars GAZ-31029, GAZ-3102, GAZ-3110, for the passenger-car “Pickup”. Also, since 1996, special cars with all-metal body were produced on the GAZ-3302 Gazelle chassis, supplied with JSC GAZ, for passenger and medical purposes.

In 1997, in accordance with the agreement between the Chuvash State University and JSC “CHARZ”, on the territory of the plant was equipped with a training and technical center for the education of students of the machine-building faculty of the State University.

Within the framework of the agreement, the production of new products – electrodes and tips for contact welding from copper disperse-hardened composite materials for the needs of the automotive industry was mastered jointly with the scientific and technical firm “Techma”.

Since 2009, the release of new products – embedded parts and carcasses of seats for Fiat Ducato cars has been mastered.

On May 13, 2011, the Cheboksary Automotive Repair Plant JSC was renamed to Cheboksary Automotive Components Plant JSC (JSC ChZA).

The company is certified according to ISO 9001-2008. The certificate was received in August 2009. Certification was conducted by TUV Rheinland Inter Cert.

The company covers an area of ​​79,000 square meters. Including production area is 30,000 square meters., Of which 12,250 square meters are free (41%). The warehouse area is 7000 square meters.

Description Area (square meter) Of these, free
1. Main building 10000 8100
2. Attached to the main building 3000 3000
3. Building # 4 3000 3000
4. Building # 5 3570 3570
5. Building # 7 2300 2300
6. Building # 9 850 850
7. Auxiliary case 2500


The plant is equipped with the following equipment:

1.01. Technological equipment for repair of ZMZ engines in the amount of 25 units.

1.02. Press:

– Double-acting press reinforced. 1000 t – 2 units.
– Press force of 800 tons – 2 units.
– Press force of 500 tons – 2 units.
– Press the force of 400 tons – 1 unit.
– Press force of 315 tons – 4 units.
– Press the force of 250 tons – 2 units.
– Crank press with a force of 40-160 tons – 12 units.
– Hydraulic press with 630 tons force – 1 unit.
– Hydraulic press with a force of 250 tons – 2 units.
– Gantry crane 20 tons – 1 unit.
– Crane bridge 12 tons – 2 units.
– Scissors sheet guillotine – 4 units.

1.03. Lathe and lathe-turret lathes – 16 units.

1.04. Turret lathe with CNC – 3 units.

1.05. Drilling machines – 22 units.

1.06. Grinding machines – 4 units.

– Surface grinding
– Circular grinding machines
– Surface grinding

1.07. Milling machines – 9 units.

1.08. Planers – 2 pcs.

1.09. Band-cutting machines – 2 units.

1.10. Belt-grinding machines – 2 units.

1.11. Welding equipment:

– semiautomatic arc welding in the environment of CO2 – 8 units.
– Pendant welding machines – 65 units.
– Spot welding machines – 10 units.

1.12. Electric quenching furnaces – 2 units.

1.13. Salt baths for hardening details – 2 units.

1.14. Edge bending machine – 1 unit.

1.15. Bending machine – 1 unit.

1.16. Injection molding machines V from 250 to 700 cm3 – 4 units.

1.17. Vacuum molding machines – 2 units.

1.18. Vacuum spraying unit – 1 unit.

1.19. Woodworking equipment – 7 items.

1.20. Hoisting mechanisms – 80 units.

1.21. Stamps and molds – 1600 pcs.

1.22. Powder coating chamber with a capacity of 70-90 pcs / h (depending on the dimensions of the parts)

1.23. Painting complex for priming parts 50-100 pcs / hour (depending on the dimensions of parts)

1.24. Paint spraying chamber in Italy for painting bodies and cars.


2.1. The power plant is supplied with 3 cables of Power line communications – 6 sq. m. from the district substation. Total power of power transformers 5260 kVA. The reserve capacity is 2000 kVA.

2.2. Since 2010, the plant has switched to an autonomous heating system and has 11 autonomous boiler-houses.

2.3. Compressed air is provided by two compressors with a capacity of 60 m3 per minute.

2.4. Water supply is provided from the city water supply system with a capacity of 500 m3 per hour. Turnover water supply – 250 m3 per day.

2.5. Gas supply is provided from the city gas pipeline of medium pressure – 11,4 thousand per day.


– The company has a motor transport section,

providing transportation of own production.

The territory of the plant has good access roads, is located near the railway freight station (6 km).


The company has the opportunity to organize on its own production facilities:

– Production of spare parts for cars, assembly production;

– Production of point electrodes and tips made of alloy DUKM;

– Dealer services for the sale of cars;

– The creation of a trade and exhibition complex covering auto-service and maintenance of cars.

Our contact information

JSC Cheboksary plant of automotive components
428020, Chuvash Republic – Chuvashia, Cheboksary city, Pristancionnaia street, 1
e-mail: chza21@mail.ru